Lake Stevens Soccer Club

2019 General FAQs

1) When is registration and how much does it cost?

  • Registration for Fall 2019 Soccer opens April 17th.

Rockets Program (Birth Year 2013 thru 2015) -Registration Fee: $90 (includes t-shirt style uniform & trophy)

Mod/Rec Program (Birth Year 2001 thru 2012) - Registration Fee: $145 (does not include uniform)

  • Early Registration Discount: Register before May 1st and receive $10 off Registration Fee.
  • Late Registration Fee: Beginning June 12th, Registration Fee increases by $35.
  • Registration remains open until team rosters are filled.


Mod/Rec uniforms include a blue jersey, an alternate white jersey, a pair of shorts and a pair of socks. The uniform fee is $41. Lake Stevens Soccer Club has used the same Mod/Rec uniform style since the Fall 2016 season. If your player was on a Mod/Rec (U8 and up) LSSC team at any point since then and their uniform still fits, you do not need to purchase a new one.

All players moving from U7 to U8 and those U8 and up that are new to the club will need to purchase a uniform during registration.

If you have questions about whether you should order a uniform please email prior to registration. We cannot provide refunds for uniforms that were ordered in error and there will be a $15 administrative fee for uniform orders placed after player registration.

Please review the size chart shown HERE before ordering.

Rocket players (U5-U7) do not need to order a uniform during registration.

2) What does the U in U06 mean?

U6 means the player will not turn 6 anytime during the current calendar year.

3) How do I determine my child's age group?

Click HERE to see an Age Chart for the Fall 2019 season.

4) Can my child "play up" or "play down"?

Requests to play up are considered on a case by case basis and are dependent on ability and space being available on a team. Players are not allowed to play down without an exception granted by Washington Youth Soccer.

5) Can I request a specific coach or ask that my child be placed on a team with his friends?

Yes, you can make that request during the registration process. We do our best to accommodate player request but are not always able to do so. Keep in mind, one of the benefits of recreational soccer is making new friends and experiencing new coaches.

6) What do the designations "Rockets", "Mod" and "Rec" mean?

Rockets is our U5-U7 program for 3 1/2 to 6 year olds. Click here for more information about the Rocket program.

Mod is short for Modified. This program includes U8-U12, our 7-11 year olds. For more info click here.

Rec is short for Recreational which encompasses the U13-U18/19 groups, players age 12-18. More info is available here.

7) What player equipment does my child need?

Shin guards are required for all practices and games. Socks need to be long enough to completely cover shin guards. We also highly recommend soccer cleats to prevent slipping on wet and muddy fields. Metal cleats as well as Baseball/football cleats are not permitted because they have a toe spike at the front of the shoe which could injure another player during a slide tackle. An appropriate size ball (see below) is also great to have, although your coach will often have balls available for use during practice. Players should bring water to all practices and games.

Ball Sizes by Age Group

U5 thru U8 Size 3
U9 thru U12 Size 4
U13 thru U19 Size 5

8) How do I choose a uniform size for my Mod/Rec player?

Click here to see the size charts for both jerseys and shorts.

9) If I already have a uniform from last season do I need to purchase a new one?

No, we will use the uniforms worn during the 2016, 2017 and 2018 seasons. Only new Mod/Rec players and those transitioning from U7 to U8 (or those who have outgrown their uniforms) will need to purchase new kits for Fall 2019.

10) When does the 2019 season begin and end?

  • Rockets - Saturday August 10th - Saturday October 19th (No practice/game on August 31st)
  • Mod/Rec -Practices can start as early as July 15th, actual start date is determined by your coach. Practices typically end by the first week in November due to lack of daylight, but again this is up to your coach. Games begin the weekend of Sept 7th and end the weekend of November 9th.

11) When and where are practices?

  • Rocket teams practice (and play their games) on Saturday morning at Lochsloy (6710 147th Ave. N.E. Lake Stevens, WA ).
  • Mod (U8-U12) teams practice either M/W or T/H at 5:00-6:30 or 6:30-8:00 at Lochsloy.
  • Rec (U13-U18/19) teams practice either M/W or T/H at 5:00-6:30 or 6:30-8:00 at Lake Stevens Community Park (1601 N. Machias Road Lake Stevens, WA 98258).

Adjustments to the Mod/Rec practice schedule will be made in mid-September and again in mid-October to accommodate the shorter days.

12) Can I request to practice on a specific day of the week?

No, the practice schedule is determined by your child's coach and field availability.

13) When and where are games played?

  • All Rocket games are played on Saturday at Lochsloy Field (6710 147th Ave. N.E. Lake Stevens, WA ).
  • Mod/Rec games are played on either Saturday or Sunday. Half of the games are played on our home fields (Lochsloy and Lake Stevens Community Park). Away games are played on fields in Monroe, Granite Falls, Snohomish, Mukilteo, Stanwood and surrounding areas. Click HERE for more information.

To locate Away game field locations we recommend using

14) Can I request a specific day of the week for games?

For U8 ONLY. If you are unable to play on a specific day of the week please include that information during the registration process. Eg. if your child cannot play on Sundays we will assign them to a U8 team that has most, if not all, of their games on Saturday.

For U9 and up: Game days are pre-set by NCYSA (North County Youth Soccer Association). Requests can not be considered. Click HERE for more information.

LSSC does not determine the game schedules for our Mod/Rec teams. Games are scheduled by NCYSA . Because of the large number of teams involved (typically over 800) and the finite number of soccer fields and referees available, game day request can be difficult to honor. Please keep this in mind when making your request.

15) Do you offer refunds?

2019 Refund Policy
  • If withdrawing prior to August 1st, full reimbursement of the registration costs will be given minus a $25.00 administrative fee and any Late fee.
  • Absolutely no refunds will be offered after August 1st with the exception of hardships (serious injury, child custody situations, etc.). Late fee and Mod/Rec uniform cost ($41) are non refundable.
  • No refunds will be given because of conflicts in game schedules.
  • Lake Stevens Soccer Club will only accept written refund requests, these shall be emailed to the registrar ( In-person, phone calls or other forms of communication will not be considered or accepted.

16) When will I hear about my child's team?

Mod/Rec coaches will receive their rosters and practice schedules by July 8th 2019. If you do not hear from a coach or receive a notification from TeamConnect by July 13th, please send an email to

Rocket coaches will receive their rosters by August 3rd. If you do not hear from your coach or receive a notification from TeamConnect by Aug 5th, please contact Andrea Wright our Rockets Director at or Kim Swanigan-Short our Assistant Registrar at

17) Are scores kept during games?

Scores are not kept and standings will not be posted for teams younger than U11. This places a priority on participation and deemphasizes competition. Beginning at U11, coaches are required to report their scores to NCYSA. This enables them to place the team in the correct competitive division the following year.

18) What can I do to help?

LSSC is a nonprofit organization and depends on volunteers for every aspect of its operations. We are lucky to have great coaches, board members and other volunteers who willingly give their time because they love soccer and want every player to have the best experience possible.

We welcome participation from all LSSC families. Many tasks can be done by middle and high school students and could be applied towards their Community Service requirement. As with all youth sports organizations we require that our volunteers complete a RMA (background check) if they work directly with the kids.

Below are some ideas of how you can help.

On the Team level:

  • Offer to act as Team Parent or Assistant Coach for your child's team
  • Re-line practice fields as needed
  • Re-line game fields the morning of the game
  • Offer to help run drills at practice
  • Ask your coach where they need help

*Please consider making an offer to help your coach. They are all volunteers and are essential to the success of our club. Don't wait until the end of the season to show your appreciation. Making their job easier throughout the season will result in a better experience for all players and parents.

On the Club level:

  • Help line fields and set up goals at the beginning of the season
  • Re-line practice and game fields during the season
  • Act as a Coach, Assistant Coach, or Manager/Team Parent
  • Clean up fields after practices and games
  • Offer to help with fundraising
  • Help close down fields at the end of the season
  • Serve on the Executive Board

Want to volunteer? Contact We would love to have your help!

19) What if I want to coach but don't have any experience?

LSSC welcomes beginning coaches at all levels and offers a variety of resources to help you develop your coaching skills.

Club Sessions: The club will be holding a training session for all Rocket coaches at the Rocket Coach's Meeting (tentatively scheduled for 7pm on Aug 1st, 2019). In addition, we're bringing in coaches from UK International to provide a series of clinics for both players and coaches in August. Check our Coaching Education page where we'll post information as it becomes available.

Online Resources: Age-specific Player Development Guides and training videos are also posted on our site under Coaches Corner. In addition to the training sessions and Player Guides there are many resources online for youth soccer coaches. Here's some great places to get started.

North County ByteSize Coaching Curriculum: Username: ncysa Password: district1 (Both are case sensitive)

NCYSA Procedure & Rules of Competition for Recreational Play

FIFA Laws of the Game:

US Soccer Coaching Curriculum

US Youth Soccer Player Development Model

US Women's Youth National Team Program Technical Tests


SoccerHelp Dictionary

National Licenses: Washington Youth Soccer offers a coaching education program aligned with the US Soccer curriculum. These courses are designed to help you understand the characteristics and needs of the youth athlete and plan age-appropriate training sessions and game strategies. LSSC encourages all coaches to pursue education through WYS and will reimburse the course registration fees for those who obtain their F and/or E license and coach a LSSC team during the Fall 2016 session.

For a description of the courses offered by WYS click HERE.

For a list of upcoming course dates in Washington click HERE.

Finally, if you don't feel ready to take on the role of head coach, ask your team's coach if he/she needs an Assistant Coach. This is a great way to get started as a youth soccer coach.

20) Can I bring my friendly dog to practices and games?

Unfortunately, pets of any kind are not allowed on the fields at Lochsloy or Lake Stevens Community Park. This is true even if your dog never leaves your arms! Dogs are allowed in the parking lot but they shouldn't be brought past the fence.